Quintarelli, Amabile Del Cere Bandito, Vento 2003 375ml

A blend of mostly Garganega with Trebbiano Toscano, Tocai, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, the ’03 Amabile del Cerè Bandito is a feast for the senses. Powerful yet weightless, this ’03 dessert wine unfurls with myriad flavor notes; stone and citrus fruits, dried figs, Christmas spices, caramel and white flowers appear in turns in this otherworldly, kaleidoscopic wine. Quintarelli makes a meticulous selection of white grapes for this wine and then lets them sit and dry out; pressed three or four months after harvest, this wine ferments with natural yeasts and then ages in French oak barrel for several years before bottling. While this vintage was picked in late August to the beginning of September of 2003, it wasn’t released until almost eight years later. Named for a lost barrel hidden under food stores that was overlooked by Nazis during a raid of the property, Amabile del Cerè Bandito is the most rare of all of Quintarelli’s wines; the most recent previous vintage was 1990.

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