About us

The Stoneacre Story

Passion for Food and Beverage

Stoneacre Wine and Spirits has been owned and operated by Christopher Bender and David Crowell since 2016. As owners and operators of local restaurant, Stoneacre Pantry, in Newport Rhode Island, we wanted to continue bringing excellence to our community, and so Stoneacre Wine & Spirits was opened.

Sustainability and Craftsmanship

We put careful consideration into every wine, beer and craft spirit we stock. Our diverse experience in the New York, Burgundy, and Rhode Island food and beverage industries have prepared us for assisting our customers with everything from selecting the perfect bottle of wine for dinner or building a prized wine collection. We take pride in our gift suggestions, liquor pairings, and craft and domestic beer selections.

Newport Hospitality

Our goal is to bring hospitality, knowledge, and excellence to Stoneacre, and offer our customers a memorable experience worth returning for. We hope you visit our store in Newport, RI or connect with us online.


Christopher, David & the Stoneacre Staff